Flat Fee Recruitment Savings

Slash your recruitment costs with flat fee recruitment

While the search for talent is easier now (SEEK, LinkedIn & Indeed), the cost of recruitment for some companies is still relatively high which doesn’t make sense!

To lower costs while retaining quality recruitment, many companies are looking to flat-rate recruitment firms to help them source the best and brightest talent to join their business.

Flat fee talent sourcing

With flat-fee recruitment, businesses typically pay an up-front fee to a specialised recruitment agency to source, screen and deliver high quality candidates.

Once a candidate has been found and offer made and accepted, the balance flat-fees are paid.

The recruitment firm can keep costs down by utilising aspects of the job market—like LinkedIn, SEEK or internal candidate databases—to research, review and deliver appropriate talent to an organisation. And sometimes overnight.

How much does flat free recruitment cost?

With flat-fee recruitment services, you can expect to pay anywhere between $3,000 – $7,000 depending on the assignment.

Flat-fee recruitment services are generally a lot more cost effective than the standard 10%-20% on salary fees that many recruiters charge.

Imagine you’re recruiting for a position ($80K) and the recruitment firm is charging 15%. If you crunch the numbers you’ll see a significant saving if you choose a flat fee recruitment firm.

Save with flat fee recruitment

Naturally, the job market is highly competitive. At ACECIS Recruitment, we source and screen qualified candidates throughout Australia that match your brief. Our goal is to present you with up to five suitable candidates for consideration.

Because we’re a boutique provider of talent sourcing services, we’re able to pass on significant recruitment savings to our clients – while continuing to deliver one-to-one support to ensure you have a strong pool of candidates for the interview stage.

After we conduct our final candidate screening, we present you with our final shortlist of candidates for a face-to-face round of interviews.

Following this – we conduct reference checks and provide you with a final report as well as a consultation so we can discuss each candidate’s suitability.

Our fixed price recruitment services mean you avoid costly percentage of salary rates that can cost anywhere between $10K–$20k per hire

Flat fee recruitment guarantees

We provide our clients with a three-month guarantee, so if something goes wrong with the candidate, we’ll find you a replacement at no additional charge. It’s all part of how ACECIS Recruitment builds lasting relationships with the companies we assist.

Are high % on salary recruitment fees fair? 

When you think about traditional recruitment hypothetically, companies can pay 15% on a $100k salary, which sees a traditional recruitment agency advertising a job on SEEK, shortlisting five or six candidates, interviewing four, sending three to the company and then charging the company a big fee once an offer is made.

Getting paid $15K for not a lot of work isn’t exactly fair. We know that some assignments are tough – particularly when you’re trying to find candidates in industries where there’s a shortage of talent.

However, in many cases, sourcing and screening talent is straight-forward.

That’s why we believe in flat fee recruitment. Whether we are recruiting for a $150K position or a $50K position, we put in the same amount of work. Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the market. We believe that a fixed price service fee for our clients is the fairest way to provide this service.

Flat fee recruitment – what’s best for you?

It can be a difficult choice choosing the right recruitment firm. You don’t want to pay through the nose but you also don’t want to miss out on quality talent. It’s a decision that comes down to strategy and trust.

No business wants to pay an inflated percentage of a salary to recruiters doing the same work as a flat-rate recruitment agency. Ultimately, the objective is to find the best talent available at the point in time to solve the hiring need problem.

Need help with your recruitment?

We work to help our clients save on high % on salary recruitment fees so that they can invest in their business.

If you begin to save on recruitment by going with a flat-rate recruitment firm you’ll notice a big difference in your recruitment spend bottom line.

For more information on flat-rate recruitment, please get in touch on 0402 352 225 or email Naren Chellappah, Director, ACECIS Recruitment.

ACECIS Recruitment Team

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